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  • I am a long-time Dokken fan…whether the name sake, Don Dokken, Lynchmob, or Pilson effort…Initially, I was not impressed with this effort, but with time it has grown on me. Dokken presents their first cover song, of an ELP classic. The groove and sound of the overall album is quite an accomplishment for the re-united band. They appear to have resolved their personal differences, and turn out an album with thick, rich sound. “Too High to Fly” presents a hard edged jam, while “The Maze”, “Nothing Left to Say”, and “Sweet Chains” presents the ever harmonious talent of Dokken, Pilson, and the band throughout the album. Not every track on the album sounds the same, that is the best quality of this album, over all.Even the harder edged tracks (“Inside Looking Outside”, “Long Way Home”, and “Shadows of Life”) resonate with a strong sound Dokken has not presented to this date in their recording.Keep Rokken’

    Posted on January 17, 2010