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  • After an absence from the music scene, Dokken returned in 1995 and recorded “Dysfunctional”. All 4 original members were present during this time. The album is indeed updated from their signature 80’s sound. Anyone who expects to hear songs like “In my Dreams” or “Dream Warriors” will not get what they are expecting. Although updated the album is still good. The songs are written very well, George Lynch is back in action, and Mick Brown is still beating the hell out of his drums. One of the more noticable down sides of the album is that Don Dokken’s voice dosen’t seem to be as strong as it was before. On another posotive side of the album, it is good to see Dokken writting about other subjects. Everyone loves songs about chicks but it is good to see them digging deeper into topics such as those expressed on “Too high to fly” and “What Price”. Overall, “Dysfunctional” is quite good. Not the absolute best CD they’ve ever done, but still very functional.

    Posted on January 18, 2010