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Eat 'Em and Smile

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  • In 1985, when Dave was still in Van Halen, he had two big solo hits “California Girls” and “Just a gigolo.” When Dave left VH, he couldn’t be a viable solo artist just covering lounge songs and Beach Boy hits, he needed to put together a rock band, one that was as good, if not better, than his old band. This is just what Dave did. He got Steve Vai for guitar, Billy Sheehan for bass, and Gregg Bissonette for drums. Not only was his first solo band, the “Eat ‘Em and Smile” band technically as good as Van Halen, but it wrote songs that were up-to-par with VH classics. In my humble opinion, the Eat ‘Em and Smile album was as good as the first six Van Halen albums. I see this album as being the true follow-up to Van Halen’s 1984. In a sense, I see this as being the seventh Van Halen album. I also think that this album is far superior to Van Halen’s first album with Sammy Hagar, 5150. Like the first six Van Halen albums, this album is only about a half hour, and rocks top to bottom. It is filled with heavy, catchy rifts, color, melody, and humor. There are a lot of classic rockers on this album, such as “Yankee Rose,” “Going Crazy!” and “Shy Boy.” There are a few lounge numbers–”I’m Easy,” and “That’s Life.” There are a few slower numbers such as “Ladies Night in Buffalo?” and “Big Trouble.” Overall, this album is a straight-a-head rocker, with no ballads or synth-pop. If you are a fan of the David Lee Roth era of Van Halen, than this CD is a must have!

    Posted on March 3, 2010