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Eaten Back to Life

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No Description AvailableNo Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: CANNIBAL CORPSETitle: EATEN BACK TO LIFEStreet Release Date: 11/05/1993<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: HEAVY METAL

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  • While many people hate early CC, but love later CC, more people hate all CC, including true Death Metal fans. CC will never get true exceptance, but their fan base is always growing and are probably the most popular DM band ever. People hate early Corpse cds because of the lack of the extreme technicality that bands such as Suffocation and Carcass were displaying. Also the lyrics appeared to be very cheesy to all who didn’t like CC (and some who did!) but there were still those (idiots) who were actually scared of it. While I’m not the 1st one to admit that anyone can create these kinda lyrics with a tad of a sick mind and minimal imagination. I mean, Chris Barnes must’ve written the whole album in an hour. While some people my read this and think I’m saying Chris Barnes has no talent, not true. The real focus is how Chris actually ‘does’ the lyrics. Chris Barnes is so brutal here its not funny. New fans won’t recongise the p*ssy who fronts Six Feet Under and even those who don’t have anything before The Bleeding will find it a shock that Chris sounded like this once.All that being said, Chris Barnes gives a fantastic performance on this cd, lyrical gore bleeding from his mouth like he just had an acupuncture with 6 inch nails. While his lyrics are not hard to write, the are quite shocking, especially Shredded Humans, which I won’t go into detail about. The rest of the band is obviously still developing their later skills, although Paul’s drumming is already great. The guitar work is not up to CC standard, although Jim and crew create some absolutely sick riffs and hooks. The guitar work is fast, but not remarkably fast and is certainly not very technical. Production wise, you can hear everything very well and keeps a the ‘raw charm’ that many DM fans adore. The cd itself is very heavy, with the bass chipping in to create one of the heavier cds of its time. The bass is pretty good on this album, displaying some of that awesome speed, but not quite as much as later albums.Every track on the album is worth a mention and the album is a fair length to boot. My picks would be Shredded Humans (one of my all time DM favs) and Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains. The much hated monotony, blandness and zero-progress is not present on this cd, but is something they should’ve worked on with later cds, so don’t be scared if this will be your 1st CC cd.The overall brutality and solidity of this Death/Grind cd would not allow me to give it any lower than 5 stars. This is a Cannibal Corpse classic and a Death Metal classic in general.A must have.

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Let me just say, you guys (or gals) who are giving this CD 1 star are no better than people who give it a 5 saying “It rocks!!!” But I think the people who rate it 5 stars are much closer to being right. Below is what I think of this album.Music: 4 starsThe music for the most part is really good. The riffs are every bit as hard to play as any of the Metallica riffs that I can play on guitar, which include “Fight Fire with Fire” and “Ride the Lightnening” and also Slayer’s “Angel of Death”. I just think they could be more well writen, but are still good most of the time and even flat out amazing every now and then. The riff 2 minutes into “Born in a Casket” is my favorite, and one of the best guitar riffs I’ve ever heard. This band has talent. The vocals admittedly sound bad, especially in the beginning of “Shredded Humans”, but are still decent most of the time, and even truely great sounding at times. Strangely enough, “Shredded Humans” also fetures some of the better sounding vocals on the album. They can really have a hair-raising sound at times. On “Edible Autopsy”, when he says”Skinned live…live…live…”, it sounds especially creepy.Lyrics: 5 starsWhy 5 stars? Is it because I’m a gore obsessed freak? (no pun intended) No, I’m just open-minded enough to give them credit for being able to write such grotesque, vile lyrics that no one else can come close to. Reading the lyrics made me like them even more. I simply cannot comprehend anything that’s more violent and grotesque than their lyrics, and at the same time, their lyrics fit the beat of the songs well and rhyme a lot of the time, maybe most of the time. It was really a mind-blowing experience reading the lyrics of “Mangled” and “Shredded Humans” while the songs were playing. “Mangled” was so damn fast I still got lost the 3rd time through.Closing Comments:The truth is, I did get some satisfaction from the violence, but does anyone think that people listen to Nsync for the music? Well, partly, but it’s obviously mostly their good looks. I liked the music before I even bothered reading the lyrics, so I listen to them for both reasons. I like their music, and the violence. But mostly the music. I only gave the lyrics a higher score because I think they have the most talent in that area. I hope this reveiw has been helpful.Overall score: 4.5 stars

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Cannibal Corpse is an awesome band.Simply Put. This album is very brutal, talented, and it has well written lyrics about blood and gore. This album is a must for metal heads.So just buy it unless you have terrible musical tastes.

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Any one who is new to cannibal corpse and is thinking about buying one of their cd’s don’t go neer the bleeding and don’t even think about the god-awful wretched spawn! This is cannibal corpse with chris barns and(i know what your thinking)sounds nothing like six feet under! If you think chris is good in six feet under your dead wrong because before chris lost his vioce he was in a band that released shocking album’s and brutal music and what will always be remembered as one of the best the best death metal vocalist of all time. Eaten back to life is a classic debute album that launch the new wave of death metal in the early 90’s! And out of all the death metal bands in the early 90’s cannibal corpse was the most heaviest,sickest,and offensive. Some people thought the gore lyrics and the offensive artwork was to shocking for them so they strived away from this band and never gave them a listen and stuck with other bands such as sepultera,obituary,morbid angel,(good bands)and others. Than were the people who thought they were childish to write music about killing and gore and just labled it as talentless noise(wich is 100% not true)or either they thought the music was to extreme or heavy for them. Well those people sure did miss out on what still is one of the greatest death metal albums of all time, The guitars aren’t as technical as in later releases but who cares! They still made some sick catchy hooks and brutal riffs that aren’t found in later releases. The drumming is top notch. This cd will just make you wanna sing along to chris roaring out those brutal tales of horror,bang you head till it hurts,and beat the living piss out of someone! This also contains some of cannibal corpse’s most memorable songs. Shredded humans is a shocking story about a mad-man in a car trying to kill a family of five on there way home having enjoyed a day in the sun(there encounter with gore has just begun). I love it how the guitars just shredd along on the part were chris say roars out”HIS SEATBELT WAS USELESS FOR HOLDIN HIM BACK,IT SIMPLY JUST CUT HIM IN TWO,LEGS WERE CRUSHED,OUT LEEKED HIS PUSS AS HIS SPINAL CHORD TOOK OFF AND FLEW” and than goes “THE MOTHER TOOK FLIGHT THROUGH THE GLASS,AND ENDED UP IMPALED ON A SIGN,HER INTESTINES STRETCHED FROM THE CAR DOWN THE ROAD,and than menacingly says”FOR A QUARTER MILE!”<(THAT PART BRINGS A SMILE TO MY FACE EVERY TIME!) All right, i think I have said enough about this album! Cannibal Corpses first release is strait up death metal,with awsome head banding riffs,and sing along verses that every death metal fan MUST own!

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Oh MAN this album is awesome.i wish i could have been into this band way back when this album came out.bob rusay and jack owen kill on the guitar and paul is an insane drummer.chris barnes has got to be the greatest death metal vocalist can actually understand what he says at some points.for those of you [female dog] about the lyrics, why were you listening to a band called cannibal corpse in the first place?yet you complain about not understanding what hes saying?.death metal vocals are hard, believe me ive tried.anyway you looking to get into death metal? start here. the best songs are shredded humans, edible autopsy, put them to death, scattered remains splattered brains, rotting head, bloody chunks, and the absolute killer track a skull full of maggots.any metalhead will love this kicks [rump].

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now