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Eaten Back to Life

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  • Oh MAN this album is awesome.i wish i could have been into this band way back when this album came out.bob rusay and jack owen kill on the guitar and paul is an insane drummer.chris barnes has got to be the greatest death metal vocalist can actually understand what he says at some points.for those of you [female dog] about the lyrics, why were you listening to a band called cannibal corpse in the first place?yet you complain about not understanding what hes saying?.death metal vocals are hard, believe me ive tried.anyway you looking to get into death metal? start here. the best songs are shredded humans, edible autopsy, put them to death, scattered remains splattered brains, rotting head, bloody chunks, and the absolute killer track a skull full of maggots.any metalhead will love this kicks [rump].

    Posted on February 17, 2010