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Eaten Back to Life

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  • Let me just say, you guys (or gals) who are giving this CD 1 star are no better than people who give it a 5 saying “It rocks!!!” But I think the people who rate it 5 stars are much closer to being right. Below is what I think of this album.Music: 4 starsThe music for the most part is really good. The riffs are every bit as hard to play as any of the Metallica riffs that I can play on guitar, which include “Fight Fire with Fire” and “Ride the Lightnening” and also Slayer’s “Angel of Death”. I just think they could be more well writen, but are still good most of the time and even flat out amazing every now and then. The riff 2 minutes into “Born in a Casket” is my favorite, and one of the best guitar riffs I’ve ever heard. This band has talent. The vocals admittedly sound bad, especially in the beginning of “Shredded Humans”, but are still decent most of the time, and even truely great sounding at times. Strangely enough, “Shredded Humans” also fetures some of the better sounding vocals on the album. They can really have a hair-raising sound at times. On “Edible Autopsy”, when he says”Skinned live…live…live…”, it sounds especially creepy.Lyrics: 5 starsWhy 5 stars? Is it because I’m a gore obsessed freak? (no pun intended) No, I’m just open-minded enough to give them credit for being able to write such grotesque, vile lyrics that no one else can come close to. Reading the lyrics made me like them even more. I simply cannot comprehend anything that’s more violent and grotesque than their lyrics, and at the same time, their lyrics fit the beat of the songs well and rhyme a lot of the time, maybe most of the time. It was really a mind-blowing experience reading the lyrics of “Mangled” and “Shredded Humans” while the songs were playing. “Mangled” was so damn fast I still got lost the 3rd time through.Closing Comments:The truth is, I did get some satisfaction from the violence, but does anyone think that people listen to Nsync for the music? Well, partly, but it’s obviously mostly their good looks. I liked the music before I even bothered reading the lyrics, so I listen to them for both reasons. I like their music, and the violence. But mostly the music. I only gave the lyrics a higher score because I think they have the most talent in that area. I hope this reveiw has been helpful.Overall score: 4.5 stars

    Posted on February 17, 2010