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Eaten Back to Life

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  • While many people hate early CC, but love later CC, more people hate all CC, including true Death Metal fans. CC will never get true exceptance, but their fan base is always growing and are probably the most popular DM band ever. People hate early Corpse cds because of the lack of the extreme technicality that bands such as Suffocation and Carcass were displaying. Also the lyrics appeared to be very cheesy to all who didn’t like CC (and some who did!) but there were still those (idiots) who were actually scared of it. While I’m not the 1st one to admit that anyone can create these kinda lyrics with a tad of a sick mind and minimal imagination. I mean, Chris Barnes must’ve written the whole album in an hour. While some people my read this and think I’m saying Chris Barnes has no talent, not true. The real focus is how Chris actually ‘does’ the lyrics. Chris Barnes is so brutal here its not funny. New fans won’t recongise the p*ssy who fronts Six Feet Under and even those who don’t have anything before The Bleeding will find it a shock that Chris sounded like this once.All that being said, Chris Barnes gives a fantastic performance on this cd, lyrical gore bleeding from his mouth like he just had an acupuncture with 6 inch nails. While his lyrics are not hard to write, the are quite shocking, especially Shredded Humans, which I won’t go into detail about. The rest of the band is obviously still developing their later skills, although Paul’s drumming is already great. The guitar work is not up to CC standard, although Jim and crew create some absolutely sick riffs and hooks. The guitar work is fast, but not remarkably fast and is certainly not very technical. Production wise, you can hear everything very well and keeps a the ‘raw charm’ that many DM fans adore. The cd itself is very heavy, with the bass chipping in to create one of the heavier cds of its time. The bass is pretty good on this album, displaying some of that awesome speed, but not quite as much as later albums.Every track on the album is worth a mention and the album is a fair length to boot. My picks would be Shredded Humans (one of my all time DM favs) and Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains. The much hated monotony, blandness and zero-progress is not present on this cd, but is something they should’ve worked on with later cds, so don’t be scared if this will be your 1st CC cd.The overall brutality and solidity of this Death/Grind cd would not allow me to give it any lower than 5 stars. This is a Cannibal Corpse classic and a Death Metal classic in general.A must have.

    Posted on February 17, 2010