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  • Reviewgium – Volume I, issue II

    Amorphis has returned with a new singer and consequently, a heavier and more vigorous album. Eclipse has a very refined and well-produced sound with strong, melodic songs, and powerful vocals.

    The album starts with an eerie synthesizer intro that leads into the driving beat of “Two Moons,” a song rich with pounding riffage and heavy, gritty vocals. “House of Sleep” follows quickly with a catchy, melodic guitar rhythm, and delivers great vocal harmonies throughout. About 2/3 into the song, an ethereal keyboard/synthesizer duet segues into one of the album’s many clever key shifts. As “Leaves Scar” begins with a soft airy melody, it seems you are going to get a little break from the action…but no…a heavy riff begins and ushers in a nice, brutal death vocal verse, eliminating any doubt that Amorphis is fooling around with this album. Adding to the brutality is the explosive “Perkele,” and almost highlandish “Brother Moon,” as well as the album highlight “The Smoke.” Things slow down, but do not lessen in intensity, with the songs “Under a Soul and Black Stone,” and “Same Flesh,” and the album finishes off with the fundamental rocker “Empty Opening” and somewhat inconsequential bonus track “Stone Woman.”

    I highly recommend this album to new listeners and older fans alike. Whatever edge and intensity Amorphis may have lost with the last few albums, they have regained with Eclipse. Again, it is more refined and a better quality album soundwise than say, Elegy. Take that as you will.

    Posted on January 18, 2010