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Edge of Thorns

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  • This is hopefully gonna be the last album I get Savatage album I get. The band has made so many good albums, that’s it’s hard not to get another album. Ok, I’ll get Gutter Ballet, but, hopefully, that’s it. Singer Zak Stevens makes his debut, and although it’s hard to replace Jon Oliva, Zak does a great job. But Jo still recordes keyboards and writes for the band. So sad that this was Criss’s last album. Rest in peace, man. Here is a song by song review:1.Edge of Thorns-The big epic off the album. This song is great and has a killer solo. Nice piano riff. 5/52.He Carves His stone-Wonderful ballad. Really nice pipes by Zak. He’s like the american Bruce Dickinson. This has a good “Jesus Saves” like riff. 5/53.Lights Out-Very Van Halen-ish. It’s cool. Nice solo 4/54.Skraggy’s Tomb-Powerful rocker. Very eerie. Good lyrics about the demons of alcohol. Also good solo. 4/55.Labyrinths-Nice instrumental with exellent piano playing by Jon. Very good. 5/56.Follow Me-Another Epic, this time against couch potatoes. I always think im gonna end up like one. Good solo, once again. They’re all good. Good time change. 5/57.Exit Music-Incredible. Just piano. It’s like waking up in the sunrise and watching go up. Very moving. 5/58.Degrees of Sanity-Very good electric sitar playing by Criss. This is a great evil mid tempo rocker. Good singing. Doesn’t Zak rule on this album? Intresting Rythym change for the solo. Very eerie. 5/59.Conversation Piece-This is the best rocker on this album. Very disgusting concept. A man who loves a girl so much that he cuts of pieces of himself as offerings. Ok. But it’s cool. Very straightforward riff. I like the use of the clean guitar in the verse. 5/510.All That i Bleed-Ver moving. Perhaps the best ballad ever wrote. Starts out with piano and vocals, then the full band, then a mesmorizing solo, than back to normal. Excellent. 5/511.Damien-Very cool. This has a 1993 rock feel to the album. Very cool riff. 4/512.Miles Away-This is ok. But it frags on for a while. Good drumming, but that’s about it. Oh well. 3/513.Sleep-I heard they made a video for this. i would love to see it. This is just a guitar/vocals song. With good singing by Zak, and nice rythym by Criss, what could go wrong.The perfect 90’s album by Savatage. Right up there with Streets.

    Posted on January 14, 2010