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Eighteen Visions

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  • The new self titled effort from 18V is exactly that, new. In No way shape or form is any of the band that recorded ‘Until the Ink Runs out’ represented on this, as the band has decided gone more in a rock direction. While they have attempted this on ‘Vanity’ with “I don’t Mind” and went more Boldly with ‘Obsession’, I feel here they have definetly accomplished what they set out to make, a great rock and roll record. Lots of solid songs more dedicated than on ‘Obsession’, which in comparison seemed like more of a failed attempt to achieve this. There really isn’t a bad song on this cd. And it’s very well produced, sounds very sonically tight.
    However, if you’ve stuck with the band this long, you may be extremely dissapointed with this release, after all there is basically no hardcore elements on this, and the metal isn’t really meant to heavy at all. But as a fan that has watched the band progress, you really can’t be too suprised that they’ve gone in this direction. With each release this band has changed, and you as a fan have to ask yourself if you can put aside the fact that they made some death-metalled-grind-hardcore, you’ll find that this really is one of the best rock records out this year, better than the Lost Prophets cd, and more in league with Velvet Revolver and such. I give it a 4.

    Posted on November 16, 2009