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Eighteen Visions

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  • I went to HMV just to see what they had for music, and when i listened to Eighteen Visions on one of those 3-disc music listeners. Let me tell you i was hooked for good. I kept listening to this cd for hours after i bought it and i’m still hooked on it. As well as i don’t usually buy one singer or bands cd’s, i usually buy a mix cd like much music 2001. So for hard music lovers and people who don’t like buying one certain band go out to your local music store and buy EIGHTEEN VISIONS, not sure if this will be helpfull but out of the twelve songs i like eleven of them and my favorite song is broken hearted, just for you hard rockers this is a slow song warning.
    ( yes it’s a slow rock song NOT a heavy song like song number two victim.)

    Posted on November 16, 2009