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Eighteen Visions

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  • As someone who’s never heard of Eighteen Visions before the release of this album, I’ve found myself enjoying their self-titled effort quite a lot. I don’t have their “screamer” albums as a frame of reference, I can’t rate this based on how much they “sold out”, just on how much I enjoy the music on this disk. Eighteen Visions really seems to have embraced the rock music of the 80s when they made this album, and in my opinion, it’s to the album’s benefit. Songs like “Pretty Suicide” and “The Sweetest Memory” strike a nice balance between modern and retro sounds, and while they won’t appeal to people looking for heavier, more hardcore sounds, they’re great songs in their own right. As good as those are, however, I find myself gravitating towards “Victim” and “Coma”, which rock out a little bit more in comparison. Almost every song on this album is quite listenable, and I’ve listened to it multiple times without getting tired of it.

    Still, it’s probably best for new fans, like me, who haven’t heard of 18V until recently. While it won’t please fans of their hardcore style, it’s a worthy purchase for anyone looking for a straight-up rock album.

    Posted on November 16, 2009