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  • I’ve owned Leitmotif since 1999 when Dredg did a self release. When I heard that they signed with a major label I became extremely excited, because a new album would have to be created. Dredg is probably my favorite band of all time, though they’re not yet well known, I place them on the same level, talentwise as Radiohead, Pink Floyd,Tool, and any other amazing band you may have heard in your life.I will not, however, compare Dredg to any other band to describe their sound. It’s something that is very difficult to describe in words, I’ve given it much thought and still cannot do the sound justice via any language spoken by man. Perhaps it has to do with the conceptual aspects of the album.The only way to understand their sound is to listen to their music. And if you have the chance to see them live, the beauty of their recording (A large portion of which was done at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch) does them, well I won’t say “no justice” but to see them live is an incredible experience in itself.Buy this album. Listen to it. That’s all the band members want, is to have their music heard. They frequently tell fans at shows, “Thank you for your ears, Thank you for listening”If you love music, this album is for you.

    Posted on February 9, 2010