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El Cielo

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  • This album has officially found its way under my skin. Every moment of every song is engaging, energizing and simply beautiful. I haven’t heard such amazing production in a long time. The rhythm section is so tight throughout, the guitar and bass offset each other flawlessly, and the vocals and synth just float beautifully over everything. The result is a swirling aural journey of emotions and textures, meticulously crafted and perfectly timed. Even the liner art is stunning. Anyone who loves music that makes their hairs stand on end should own this. As most of the reviewers here suggest, listen to it a few times. Giving this album a little initial hope is a small price to pay when you discover the hope that this band brings to the world of music, rock especially. Dredg and El Cielo have the rare ability to suddenly *click* with you after more than one listen, and after that click it only gets better. I love every track on this album, and that’s saying a lot considering there are 16 in all. Favorites that come to mind are Sanzen, Triangle, 18 People Living in Harmony, Of The Room and Convalescent. The ‘brushstrokes’ are great segues and add perfectly to the flow of the album as a whole. Leitmotif showed us what Dredg were capable of, and they have evolved so much since then. As someone else mentioned here, it is indeed scary to imagine what could possibly come next from these outstanding musicians.

    Posted on February 10, 2010