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Elect the Dead

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  • I’m so relieved to be listening to “Elect the Dead” after almost losing all hope with SOAD’s latest albums Hypnotize/Mesmerize. Upon reading the liner notes in the above stated LP’s, it became obvious where the control in the band had ended up. Don’t get me wrong I think Daron is a talented musician who works well in a back-up vocal role to Serj. but let’s face it. Serj is SOAD and I think most others will agree that an element has been missing in System since Malakian has taken over the primary writing and lead vocal parts of SOAD. I personally tire fast of the silly, meaningless, unintelligent side of more recent SOAD. I don’t know the true story on how it happened, but somehow either by choice or by force the voice of System of a Down was tracked to nothing more than a background voice. Too me, the album “Steal this Album” showcased Daron’s writing style, and for a B-sides album, it was truelly amazing! But let’s call it like it is. It (Steal this Album) was still a B-sides album. Both Hypnotize and Mesmerize had thier highlights, sighting “Holy Mountains” as one of the more memorable gems on an album set hindered by piles of Fools Gold. Okay, enough on the history of one of the greatest bands in existence. Let us give credit where credit is due. This album is nothing short of pure brilliance. The structure, balance, emotion reminds me of everything that I love about Toxicity, and SOAD’s self-titled release. I’m entranced by this album. After the second listen you’ll be hooked and catching little intricate parts that you might’ve missed the first time through. If you are someone into radio singles, this isn’t going to be for you. If you appreciate good music in the vein of Tool, RATM, Dredg. and Porcupine Tree. Pick this album up! This is the spirit of System of A Down and what it was meant to be. There is something to be said about passion!

    Posted on January 7, 2010