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Electric Tears

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  • One thing that surprises me about buckethead is his versatility, you can listen to his albums and never get the exact same idea, or sound. The Sketches of Spain song, is an arrangement of “Concierto de Aranjuez” a classical piece, so he didnt compose it.

    The entire album is incredible, you can sit and listen to it over and over and you wont get bored. It seems that he recorded all the guitars by himself, there are pieces with 2 or 3 guitars, sometimes 4, but mainly 2 guitars, one with the rythm and one with the leads, there are no other instruments, but there are a lot of effects (very well used).

    Buckethead is very “conceptual” when he composes, unlike most of the musicians out there, and thats not good or bad, is just something he does. You just read the tittle and you will know what is about. I would dare to say that this is his best work so far, he really comunicates what he wants with his sound, very powerfull cd.

    I really like “Colma”, and “Electric Tears”, but personally dont like his other albums, like cuckoo cloks from hell, and monsters and robots, etc.

    Posted on December 18, 2009