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  • When ‘Electric’ came out, the ‘Goth’ followers of ‘Love’ and ‘Dreamtime’ were shocked and in rage. How could ‘The Cult’ release such a follow up to their classic hits like ‘Rain’ or ‘She sells sanctuary’ ? Almost 25 years later we finally know the answer by being able to hear, what this album was supposed to sound like, since the original mix is included in the ‘Rare Cult’ box set. Being able to compare these two versions proves even more the genious of Rick Rubin. ‘Love Removal Machine’ would have been a heavy, multi layered, dark eighties anthem while Rubin’s production transferred this track to a timeless rock classic. This whole album is full of energy, thanks to Rick Rubin’s production and the great songwriting of Billy Duffy and Ian Asburry. ‘Li’l Devil’ is pure adrenaline, ‘Wild Flower’ is the Cult at their best and ‘Memphis Hip Shake’ closes this album like there is no tomorrow. While America was considering the stadium rock of ‘Bon Jovi’ or ‘Poison’ as the future of rock, ‘The Cult’ together with Rick Rubin took a step back and created a classic British rock album. Unfortunately, ‘The Cult’ focused on the American market afterwards and released more mainstream oriented records like ‘Sonic Temple’ or ‘Ceremony’.

    Posted on February 4, 2010