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The roaring metal tank comes grinding back with ex-Benediction vocalist Dave Ingram spearheading the charge. Total power. Metal Blade Records.

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  • Charly Steinhauer returns after maybe 8 or so years from the last killer cd “Collision Course” with yet another bone crushing cd “Electrify.” All I have to say is wow. I put the disc in my old 5 disc cd changer and was assaulted by intricate riffs, slick drumming and superb songwriting with vocals in several different pitches! He had messed up his throat years ago and was going to hand off singing duties to someone else but he healed and gifted us with this release you get buried with! I make the Mustaine reference because this guy has such an ability to write such awesome material, Dave is the one that pops in my mind. Every song on this cd sounds different and the vocals make each song that much more individual and sweet. This is a cd that you crank in your car and just sit back in awe in how much is in this 10 song album and when it’s done you forget you’ve been sitting there for 50 minutes outside your girlfriend’s house while she’s lighting up your phone because your dumb as* is late picking her up! Yeah, it’s that good. I found it on The End Records as a US release for $15. Too expensive on here. Killer cd. Get their other one “Collision Course.” Very catchy thrash with killer vocals all the way around and even 10 times better on this “Electrify” cd.

    Posted on November 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now