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Elements, Pt. 1

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  • I’am finnish music fan and I have been fan of Stratovarius for many years. This album left me simply breathless yes it is little proge for the band but how cares it works. My favourite track is Learning to fly and weaker tracks were Papillon and Stratofortress, but after listening to them they were also good songs. The theme of the album Elements is big and powerful so the music’s have to be also big and powerful. There’s lot’s of Orchestra and choir arrangements and this time they really are beautiful and big especially in songs Soul of a vagabond(this is a geat tribute to old Dio and Black Sabbath), Fantasia, Papillion, Elements and A drop in the ocean(simply a daydreaming this will light up your day). Stratovarius has used Orchestra and choir arrangements since Episode(1996) and that is the one of the many things which gives this band so unique sound. If you are trully a friend of this kind music this album you must buy. But also people how havent listent this kind of music add this album to your record collections it is a classic.

    Posted on November 14, 2009