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Elements, Pt. 2

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  • I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Stratovarius and my friend introducing me to their music about two years ago, I would probably still be listening to the crap some people call music in this country.But after pracrically listing to almost everything that the band has to offer, and what other metal bands have and are pumping out nowadays, Stratovarius is, a least to me, losing some of it luster. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a fan and always will be, and Stratovarius is a great band, but I can’t help but feel they are a little overrated by people, kinda like how Rhapsody is at times…Now about the new album. After the first Elements, I was contented, it was a good album, with a great balance of speed, mid-tempo, slow, and epic songs. Everything was is in its correct place and all was right with the world.But after listening to Elements Pt.2, I can’t shake this feeling of how “unbalanced” this CD really is. In essence, you have three really fast, catchy songs, and you have six mid-tempo/slow/ballad songs that you can’t really bang your head to. I mean, the songs are good, Stratovarius seal of quality, but I just cannot sink my teeth and chew into it’s heavy-metal goodness. One reason it may seem this way is technically no epic on this cd (but it was on the last one). Another reason may be that the instumental is also on the first CD is well, making the variety here somewhat slim. All and all, I still glad I grabbed up this CD, but it doesn’t really hold a special place in my heart like Dreamspace, Twilight Time, and Elements Pt.1 does.However, since early 2002 the band has really been encountered a lot of difficulties and rumors fly abound, and this is why I may feel the way I feel. I always though of Stratovarius as a well oiled metal machine, and maybe these recent rumors have damaged this view of mine. Oh well, we are at least going to see three more Stratovarius releases before the band is done, due to their recent contract signing with Sancuary records, so I should quit complaining.In closing, buy it your a fan, but start with a different Stratovarius release if your new to the band (Dreamspace, Episode, Visions, Destiny, Infinte, or Element’s Pt.1).-Added Nov. 24 2003-Guess all of us fans of Stratovarius worst nightmares have come true. A recent news post by Tolkki at has informed us that some of these rurmors are not rumors, but indeed truth. Tolkki plans to keep the band going, and possible line-up changes are inevitable.

    Posted on December 4, 2009