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Elements, Pt. 2

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  • This record is a great improvment over Elements pt1, it has a very good production and good songs overall. Its a shame, Strato used to be my favorite band but in the last 5 years it has go down to the 5th or 6th place in my list (of course X Japan is the best band ever!), all this because of Timo Tolkki leader of the band’s childish attitude; Ive heard 3 members will leave the band and i wish the best for them, and the remaining member too, but Timo you can go to hell for screwing one of the most promising bands in metal.Now lets go to the review:ALPHA & OMEGA (3,5): I dont mind much about this song,butits ok, i still think Elements should have been only 1 album so all the fillers will get dumped and have the best Strato album, but its done already, so just wait til next record.I WALK TO MY OWN SONG (5,0): First single, similar to Eagleheart, Save our Souls and Hunting High and Low.I’M STILL ALIVE (5,0): Very Good song, sounds a lot like old Strato, will please old fans.SEASON OF FAITH’S PERFECTION (4,5): Reminds me of Visions era ballads, nice effort.AWAKEN THE GIANT (3.0): Boring and overrated, just like Soul Of A Vagabond, this is what u call boring,extremely slow paced metal.KNOW THE DIFFERENCE (4,8): I like the keyboards here, like Find your own voice; i dont know why ppl complain about Koti singing high notes, it doesnt sound that bad.LUMINOUS (4,8): I dont know whats in ppl heads, this is a very good song, just what Strato needs which is exploring new sounds without screwing up, i must say Tolkki did a good job with this song; hope he’s as good in attitude as he is writing songs.DREAMWEAVER (4,5): Heavy song, its ok.LIBERTY (5,0): Nice ending for a nice album, very good song not like A Drop in the Ocean which is Celestial Dream pt2Overall rating (4,5)

    Posted on December 5, 2009