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  • song by song:1 – who followed who – awesome way to open the album. catchy tune and nice guitar parts. 10/102 – (taking my ) life away – not the best song for the first single but it still gets me singing along with it. slow but shows great vocal skill from Dallas. 7/103 – movin’ on – great lyrics but not exactly one of the songs that got my hooked on. it’ll take more spins to do that. 8/104 – throw it all away – whoa chad kroeger’s done it again. this song is my second favorite on the album and the chorus rox. 10/105 – cruel – haven’t heard the original song by jeff buckley but i think that default covered it pretty damn well. best song for vocals. 10/106 – made to lie – probably the weakest song on the album. it’s a slowish song and a break from the rest of the cd. 7/107 – crossing the line – stellar rebound from ‘made to lie’ a rockin song that gets you singing at the top of your lungs. 10/108 – without you – an ok song. not much to say about it. slow. lovely dovey lyrics. 8/109 – break down doors – a song that they played a lot on their tour before elocation came out. great guitar parts and a rockin song. 10/1010 – enough – great vocals both lead and backing. not much to say. 9/1011 – all she wrote – my absolute favorite song. when i first heard it i just knew. it’s slow and depressing. so my sort of song :) starts out with a great acoustic guitar part and it really shows Dallas’ singing skills. 11/10 12 – alone – heard this a little more than a year ago when they played Pacific Coliseum with Nickelback (oct 25, 2003) great closer (kinda) 10/1013 – let you down (acoustic) bonus – one of my favorite songs off of the fallout and awesome bonus track to add to a kick ass cd. 10/10NOW GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GET ‘ELOCATION’!!!!!!

    Posted on March 14, 2010