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  • I listned to the cd, and there are honestly no words to describe how great it is. It totally exceded my expectations and every song is awesome. Here is a song by song comparison:1. Who Followed Who – A nice fast way to start of the cd with a fast song, it shows of Dallas’s voice really well, and the solo also helps2. (Taking My) Life Away – Not much else can be said about this song, its awesome, good choice as a first single3. Movin’ On – The only song I haven’t listened to much. Might take a couple more listens, but still a very good song4. Throw it All Away – I have loved this song from day one and it didn’t dissapoint. This song gives me chills listening to it. The guitars are super heavy and Dallas’ voice is superb5. Cruel – Another favorite of the album, definatly showcases Dallas’ voice. An awesome song to crank up the volume on.6. Made to Lie – A nice rest after all of the heavier songs. A really great flowing song with great energy7. Crossing the Line – Probably my second favorite song on the album, Jeremy’s guitar playing is great, definatly some of his best work.8. Without You – Not one of my favs, but once again an awesome song, really good lyrics, and another nice solo from Jeremy9. Break Down Doors – I’ve heard this song so many times live, and yet it still blew me away when I listened to it. A really fast intense song, also love the new solo Jeremy added.10. Enough- Another great song, can’t remember it to much right now, but I like Danny’s drumming11. All She Wrote – An absolutly beautiful song, love the flow and the lyrics, a great slow song12. Alone- Another song ive heard live and they changed it up with the piano to give it a really cool vibe.Contrary to what many people are saying, this album is very different from The Fallout, and I personally think that it is much better

    Posted on March 14, 2010