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  • I didn’t like this cd better than Default’s first cd The Fallout. A majority of the songs seem to be either about cheating or groupies on Elocation (not something I can relate to). On the Fallout the songs seemed to be about wanting to get away from people that just keep bringing them down (something I can relate to).For people who like good guitar playing (and a few solos)and cool singing Default has improved. I think I’ll just have to get over not being able to relate to the lyrics (I’m sure they don’t really care if an eighteen year old girl can relate to their lyrics or not anyway). My favorite on this cd is Break Down Doors because of the energy the whole band gives to it. I’m sure not everyone will agree with me since I tend to like odd songs.My favorite on The Fallout was Faded…Since I know reviews really aren’t worth all that much (either you like the cd or not, it’s all personal preference)I’ll just put in a comment on the content of the cd. The only swear words on this cd are bull(blank)and hell. Suggestive lyrics are minimal, the worst one is in All She Wrote with the lyric “Lying here in your bed/The one that you liked to do it in.” That made me cringe but I’ve heard worse.

    Posted on March 14, 2010