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Emotions in Motion

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  • Billy Squier’s first album, “Tale of the Tape” was largely overlooked although there are actually several gems on there. His second album, “Don’t Say No” rocketed him into the limelight, with at least four of its songs seeing significant airplay and even today they are instantly recognizable. That album would have been almost impossible to follow, but “Emotions in Motion” did not disappoint. The lead track “Everybody Wants You” got almost all of the airplay, but several other tracks were also radio staples for awhile.

    The album is a good listen from front to back, with nary a mediocre track to be found. I hold it perhaps in higher esteem than others might, simply because it’s a part of my life’s soundtrack. If you like “Don’t Say No”, then you won’t be disappointed by “Emotions in Motion”.

    Posted on March 6, 2010