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Emotions in Motion

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  • This second most popular Album of his right behind Don’t Say No is a solid, excellent effort. It doesn’t rock quite as hard as Don’t Say No, but that’s not a negative comment about the actual songwriting, just making a contrasting statement between this and Don’t Say No. The songwriting here is excellent, and as an Audiophile, I certainly appreciate the well-balanced Production and Recording values on this release. It’s not just nostalgia talking (and many Squier fans around the world would agree)that makes me wonder why such a talented Songwriter’s career died out so quickly. Yeah, you can blame the video (old news at this point) for Rock Me Tonite, or the Music Industry changing, or whatever, but he truly deserved MUCH more career success than just up through the mid-80’s. I mean, in all honesty, Billy is in my opinion, a much better songwriter and Guitarist than say Bryan Adams. And Bryan has had a pretty long-lasting career to name one example of many. Well, at any rate, for any new to Squier Fans out there, definitely pick this up. For the older fans like myself who grew up in the 80’s, this Squier purchase in a no-brainer. As a sidenote, I have owned the CD since the early 90s. If it is now hard to find, as I’ve come to read here on Amazon, that is really mind-boggling for such a strong album of great songwriting. -Dave

    Posted on March 7, 2010