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  • If you look over the reviews of this CD you see one thing. Politics and more politics. Almost every person who reviewed it and liked it spoke of liking the “protest” aspect of the CD. Everyone who reviewed it purely on musical merit or who disliked the political theme hated this CD. Simple fact is this was a lame effort by some really talented musicians. Politics aside they can do far better than this and perhaps they have made a second statement. That they can put out any trash as long as they dress it right people will buy it. Lets get serious. Owning every Tool and previous APC release before this I bought this without a second thought and without listening to a single track or reading a single review. If I could have found the reciept I’d have taken it back. I hated this CD and could care less about the politics of it. Musicially it is uninspiring. The sound just lays there with an occasional whimper. I really think APC made a bigger point with this release than the politcs so often touted in positive reviews. Something so vehement that people have spent hours in thier life going through and tagging reviews as unhelpfull that did not like this CD. I saw a few go from the majority helpfull ratings to unhelpfull in a span of two weeks. Too much of a change to be a coincidence. APC doesn’t need the money and tricking somebody into buying this isn’t going to do anything but make a record company a little richer. Give your money to Greenpeace or other activists rather than tout bad music as good. There are lots of other protest songs out there. Ones that don’t hurt the ears when played. Go buy one of those. Don’t waste money on this CD. I first heard Tool around 96. Bought thier CD imediately. Been a fan since. Was a fan of APC. Might even buy thier next release but not without listening to it first. I feel betrayed they’d put this out with APC attached to it. If they want to protest something thats fine. Just do it with real effort, not this slop.

    Posted on March 3, 2010