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  • Sooo this is A Perfect Circle’s 3rd album. I’ve seen many reviews here who seem to have to believe this CD should not be considered a “real” APC album due to it being mostly covers. I’ve also seen others who believe that the original versions of these songs are some kind of “hallowed ground” not to be tramped upon. I guess I don’t agree with either. Personally for me it matters little that these are covers, the reworking of them often leaves little but the lyrics and a slight hint of the original. This is actually great by me. I have no interest in listening to the original versions of Depeche Mode, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye or Black Flag whether “classic” songs or not. In almost all cases the music being heard is A Perfect Circle and that’s what I am interested in. What I find interesting is how different each of these 3 APC albums sound. The first was perhaps the closest to a hard rock band sound, the 2nd seemed to involve a bit more of psychedelia and the Cure, this new one seems more linked to the sound of NIN and Peter Gabriel. All of these sounds and styles to me are legitimate and well done. It is unfortunate when a band has an audience that NEEDS each album to sound like the others.

    Like others have mentioned people complained about the first album not being like Tool enough, then the 2nd wasn’t like the first album enough. Now of course this album isn’t like the 1st and 2nd enough. And the amazing thing is that somehow these so-called fans seriously believe these changes were not ON PURPOSE. It is truly ironic that fans continue to underestimate the intelligence of this band while the band perhaps overestimates the intelligence of their audience. Or maybe its not. Regardless this is a great album. Unique music, unique sounds and a move forward in APC’s progression.

    Am I hoping for a new APC of all original music? Sure. A concert DVD would be nice too, so would a new Tool CD and DVD. But considering how long it has been since I’ve bought anything new and interesting to listen to this CD will fill a void for at least a few more days until such new music comes into existence. When I heard that APC was releasing a CD of covers my expectations were greatly lowered, I have almost no interest in such things. But when confronted with the unique, original and intelligent arrangements the band found for these songs I was greatly impressed and surprised.

    All in all this is a highly worthy addition to APC’s catalog regardless of covers verses new material.

    Posted on March 3, 2010