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  • Queensryche began to receiver financial success with their album “Operation: Mindcrime”, which came out two years before this. To follow it up, they made an album full of commercially acceptable songs, yet they didn’t sacrifice and quality or originality in doing so. This is probably my favorite Queensryche album, because it’s so easy to listen to. Every song is great, and a few are exceptionally great.Most people laugh at me when I tell them Queensryche is one of my favorite bands. I get the usual “Don’t only people with mullets listen to them?” or “Weren’t they some one-hit wonder hair band?”. NO. Queensryche is far more skilled (technically and otherwise) and serious musically and lyrically than your average hair band. I think of them as Iron Maiden meets Rush and Pink Floyd, and of course very original as well. They did, however, have the hair. “Best I Can” is one of my favorite `Ryche songs (they’ve closed with it both times I’ve seen them live, it kicks ass), with the inspired lyrics and catchy guitar riffs and vocals. The bridge in 7/8 has a serious groove, and the solo (DeGarmo, I should think) is just so tasty. “Jet City Woman” is a rocking song, with some great guitar harmonies and solos. “Silent Lucidity” is the one everyone’s surely heard, the Pink Floyd-ish ballad was a huge hit. It’s still a beautiful song. “Anybody Listening?” is my personal favorite, and some of the guitar riffs remind me off Rush. 70’s Rush, that is. The solo is so powerful (even more-so live). The lyrics are very good too, as some have called it the best song about the effects of fame since Rush’s “Limelight”. The rest of the songs are far from filler. Every song is great, and this is one of the best overall albums I own.So, you don’t need to be a fan of 80’s metal or hair-metal at all to enjoy this album, in fact, you’ll probably enjoy it more if you’re not. If you love catchy, well-written hard rock, look no further. This is one of the best.By the way, if you like this, check out “Operation: Mindcrime” next. Then check out their earlier stuff, and “Promised Land” is quite excellent too (though in a much different way).

    Posted on December 8, 2009