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End of an Era

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  • This cd is one of the best Nightwish has ever maid. And I know that because I have them all. The first time I heard this band was a time at my firnds house and she playd “Over the Hills and Far Away” on her stero and I think I fell in some kind of trance I just heard the music comming from the streo and nothing more. The only thing I could say was “What’s that?”. And after that I have bought cd’s and dvd’s. But back to the album. The cd like I sad before is the best of Nightwish beacuse it has all and then I meen ALL the best songs from the other albums all my favorites. And sinse it’s a live album it’s not to dificullt to sing along with Tarja on songs like “Sleeping Sun and ” Over The Hills and far Away”. So this is defenattly a must have for all Nightwish fans around the world. But If you’ve never heard songs drom Nightwish I would start with “High Hopes: The Best Of Nightwish”. But like I sad this is the best album out there from this fantastic band! ^^ :D :P :)
    ;P ;)

    Posted on February 8, 2010