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End Of Silence

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  • Why must people continually make comparisons to other works? These guys sound nothing like Linkin Park, they sound like RED. Ever think that they have their own style, no matter what your twisted little brains tell you, They have very much a different style than LP. Don’t get me wrong, I love LP, but these guys are great in their own way.

    Anyway, I bought this cd for the song Breathe Into Me (who didn’t?), and I am very impressed with the rest of the cd. I was a little surprised for the “Christioan Rock” categorization, but there have been others that surprised me in this way as well. This bands vocals, guitars, percussions, pianos and strings are all VERY well done, and make every second of this production worth the listen. A bold piece, all the tracks here are the best one.

    Posted on December 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Red’s album, End of Silence, starts out a little eerie, and slowly kicks in with an awesome riff and solid drums. The songs on this album span a large range of musical spectrums. From the guitar heavy songs “Let Go” and “Already Over” then CD starts to go in a completely different direction. The songs get symphonic and have several keyboard driven moments. For me, I was expecting solid rock from front to back, and though I do like to hear programming, sampling, and keyboards in hard rock bands, I wasn’t expecting the music to change so drastically. Red do the rock thing a lot better than they do the ambient/experiement thing. The album does still get 4 stars, due to some really killer rock songs that are included, but I do find myself skipping past quite a few tracks to find my favorites.

    Posted on December 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was fortunate enough to see this band live in concert, but I didn’t particularly like them at first because I’m not much into screamo music. Don’t get me wrong- they are crazy, passionate, and entertaining live- it just didn’t seem like my cup of tea.
    But I bought their album anyway and I’m glad I did…

    While the CD still contains the same craziness and hardcore passion, the screaming is balanced out by excellent musical composition and magnificent lyrics. It is very well done, and after listening to it more in depth, I would love to see them live again.

    Like any of Disciple’s albums, this CD is also great to give to non-Christian friends who enjoy this type of sound…they may be surprised to learn that the music they’re rocking out to is all about Jesus. (Even the name of the band- “Red”- is a reference to the blood of Christ.)

    Certainly a must have for any fan of Christian rock/alternative.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Every year or so, there is one CD or band that comes along in the music world and somehow stands out among the others surrounding it on the shelves in the Music Store. For 2006, Red is one of these bands.

    Listening to the entire CD, I find a unique, non-repetitive sound with solid lyrics and a hardcore message. Red conquers the world of hard/alternative rock and becomes one of those bands that you cannot easily place in a genre when you start talking about the difference between rock, hard rock, alternative, etc.. Red makes their own style and sounds and compels you to keep checking their website to learn when their next release will be on shelves in stores.

    I can honestly say that RED was one of my favorite new bands of 2006 and I very much look forward to their Sophomore album which I anticipate will be an even bigger hit.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Prior to last Sunday, I had no idea who Red were. I went to see Kutless for one of the shows on their “Hearts of the Innocent” tour. Red was one of the opening acts, along with Disciple and Run Kid Run. They only played four songs, but I was thoroughly impressed.

    To be perfectly honest, when Red came out on stage I thought “hey, their singer, is that Chris Daughtry (of American Idol fame)?” to myself, hah. But while frontman Michael Barnes and Mr. Daughtry may look somewhat similar, the former by far has more vocal talent. Mike puts such an undeniable passion behind every lyric he sings, and the man has a phenomenal stage presence as well. The other band members are no slouches either. Right after their four-song set, I went to Red’s merchandise booth and picked up my copy of “End of Silence.” Now, with many CDs I have purchased, it was mainly because I heard a single I liked and ended up only liking two or three other songs. This is not so with “End of Silence.” Every song on here has the words “hit single” written all over it.

    The only song I’m not entirely crazy about is “Lost,” but even that one is excellent. Standouts for me include “Breathe Into Me,” “Let Go,” “Already Over” (and its acoustic counterpart “Already Over, Pt. 2″), “Pieces,” and “Hide.” These guys take an aggressive hard rock sound and seamlessly mix it with spine-chilling piano, emotive string arrangements, and some of the most passionate vocals I have heard in ages. Whether Mike is crooning beautifully or letting out an in-your-face hardcore style scream, you feel every word he is saying. The instrumentation is also great; having two guitarists (Jasen Rauch and Anthony Armstrong) allows the band to experiment sonically a bit more than others in their genre, backed up by a tight rhythm section comprised of bassist Randy Armstrong (Anthony’s brother) and drummer Hayden Lamb.

    Upon first listen, one might not be inclined to believe that Red are a Christian rock band. But all you have to do is listen closely to their lyrics to see that they are all about glorifying the Lord. Take the chorus of “Already Over” as an example: “I give it all to you, letting go of me, reaching as I fall. I know it’s already over now. Nothing left to lose, nothing you won’t do. I know it’s already over, already over now.” My interpretation of this song is that it is about one who feels like they are at the end of their proverbial rope and feels like giving up, but instead of relying on their own imperfect understanding they give their problem(s) over to God and let Him handle it, and that alone makes the end of their misery that much closer.

    Several artists, both Christian and secular, have been cited as influential to Red’s sound. Personally, I hear traces of each of the following: Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Blindside, Kutless, Linkin Park (save the hip-hop beat driven parts of their sound), Killswitch Engage, and even a little bit of Howie Day (tell me with a straight face that “Pieces” doesn’t sound something like Day’s hit single “Collide”). Still, despite all of these influences, Red have their own unique sound that is distinguishable from other bands in the Christian rock realm. I think a big reason for this is Mike Barnes’ unique vocal stylings, but that’s just my opinion.

    So yeah, to sum this review up, buy this album. Whether you are totally into Christian music or are not even remotely religious and can’t stand it, pick it up anyway. It is chock full of great tunes that just about anyone can get into.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now