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End Of Silence

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  • Red’s album, End of Silence, starts out a little eerie, and slowly kicks in with an awesome riff and solid drums. The songs on this album span a large range of musical spectrums. From the guitar heavy songs “Let Go” and “Already Over” then CD starts to go in a completely different direction. The songs get symphonic and have several keyboard driven moments. For me, I was expecting solid rock from front to back, and though I do like to hear programming, sampling, and keyboards in hard rock bands, I wasn’t expecting the music to change so drastically. Red do the rock thing a lot better than they do the ambient/experiement thing. The album does still get 4 stars, due to some really killer rock songs that are included, but I do find myself skipping past quite a few tracks to find my favorites.

    Posted on December 28, 2009