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End Of Silence

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  • Why must people continually make comparisons to other works? These guys sound nothing like Linkin Park, they sound like RED. Ever think that they have their own style, no matter what your twisted little brains tell you, They have very much a different style than LP. Don’t get me wrong, I love LP, but these guys are great in their own way.

    Anyway, I bought this cd for the song Breathe Into Me (who didn’t?), and I am very impressed with the rest of the cd. I was a little surprised for the “Christioan Rock” categorization, but there have been others that surprised me in this way as well. This bands vocals, guitars, percussions, pianos and strings are all VERY well done, and make every second of this production worth the listen. A bold piece, all the tracks here are the best one.

    Posted on December 28, 2009