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Endangered Species

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  • There are few rock albums that can attract my attention in this day and age when it seems it’s all been said and done before. However, Flaw’s album Endangered Species captivated me from the first listen and quickly pulled me in. This album is simply astounding from vocal, lyrical, and musical standpoints.

    At various times throughout this album, Flaw can seem akin to Phil Collins, U2, Staind, and even Disturbed, indeed spanning the gamut of the rock and metal genres. Though most of this album tends to be fairly mellow and slow-paced, songs like “Medicate” and “You’ve Changed” remind us that Flaw hasn’t forgotten how to rock hard with the best of them. Chris Volz’s vocal range is amazing, going seamlessly from hard-hitting, growling vocals to emotional and heartfelt soothing vocals within the span of a single song.

    Furthermore, this album carries with it an important message about the state of human beings as individuals and the world in which they live. The lyrics on this album are great!

    Here are some highlights on this album:

    Track 1 – “Medicate” – Catchy, crunching guitars and great complementary lyrics. A great way to kick off the album. The harmony is a cool effect on this one too.

    Track 2 – “Endangered Species” – Probably my favorite track on the CD. I love the lyrics on this one, with their prevailing message of uncertainty for our future. The piano is a great addition to the musical repertoire, and adds musical depth to an already great song.

    Track 3 – “Recognize” – Outstanding lyrics and great backing vocals, in addition to musical depth. An all-around great song.

    Track 8 – “Turn the Tables” – Somewhat cliched lyrics, but one of my favorites nonetheless. A great bridge and great guitars.

    Track 9 – “World’s Divide” – One of the more mellow songs on this CD, but has a great chorus and, again, great lyrics.

    Endangered Species has served as a great introduction to Flaw, and will not be the last CD I pick up by them. Don’t let the “nu-metal” label scare you away from checking out this incredibly awesome, versatile, and talented group, because they are definitely atypical for the genre. Buy it now!

    Posted on January 17, 2010