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Endangered Species

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  • I picked this album up after hearing the title track from one of my friends. Beforehand, I had heard several of the songs from “Through The Eyes,” but something about Endangered Species told me to get this CD, and it was right. Though not as heavy and angry as Through The Eyes, it holds its’ own range of emotions. Chris Volz on the vocals is simply amazing, and has a range that covers everything from soft, longing tones (Wait For Me) to angry, alienated screaming (You’ve Changed) with great effect in all areas. This would definately be a good album to introduce somebody into the world of rock and metal. My personal favorite song on here is “Worlds Divide.” It starts off slow and mellow, but rises into an epic chorus that’ll keep your attention. In fact, all of the chorus’s on this CD manage to grab you and suck you in to the music. Alas, not very many people know about this band, and its a shame too, since they broke up earlier this year, but apparently Chris Volz and some previous members of Flaw are regrouping and forming a new band called “Five.Bolt.Main” Keep your eyes open for them, but until then, Endangered Species and Through The Eyes are both great listens and never get old.

    Posted on January 17, 2010