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Endangered Species

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  • okay, first of all, this band is great for any metal fans, its simply great, and I wouldnt be surprised if you start hearing some songs on the radio. okay heres a breakdown of the songs:

    1. Medicate – 10/10 – i just love this song, a REALLY great intro to the new cd, and all the lyrics fit perfectly in with the instrumentals. Note- it is quite hard, so some may not like this song.
    2. Endangered Species – 9/10 – the unique voice in this song makes it stand out among the other tracks, and does quite a good job. also the light piano in the background adds great rythem.
    3. Recognize – 9/10 – my favorite of the slower songs on the cd, and the lyrics are very meaningful and the chorus almost moves you.
    4. Wait for Me – 7/10 – In my mind i think it was a bad idea for Flaw to put two slow songs right after eachother, which kinda takes away the effect of slow songs on a faster cd. a better place for the song could be near the end, but other than that, a pretty good song, but doesn’t give that extra bump to make it stand out more.
    5. Many Faces – 8/10 – The song that got my attention to this cd, but what I found was that to some people, they didn’t know when the chorus started or ended after a couple times listening to it, which created some problems. But other than that a really good song with strong vocals.
    6. All the Worst – 7/10 – Good intro to the song with the guitar, and the chorus is quite catchy and sticks in your head. But personally i’d rather have a different song stuck in my head because the song just doesn’t cut it for me.
    7. You’ve Changed – 9/10 – I just love this song, it’s one of the more harder tracks on the cd, and stands out. Possibly a little bit of an emotional song for the band if you read the lyrics.
    8. Turn the Tables – 9/10 – Most people don’t like this song very much, but I find it simply great. Almost everything about the song seems to work for me.
    9. Worlds Divide – 10/10 – A fairly slow song, and does a really great job. It starts out quite slowly, but the chorus really picks up the speed, and worked very effectively for me.
    10. Decide – 10/10 – An emotional song with superb lyrics and a really great chorus that takes some time to understand fully, but gives a great meaning.
    11. Final Cry – 10/10 – One of my favorites on the album. This song is one of those you shouldnt skip, it really adds something to the entire cd to give it more depth.
    12. Not Enough – 10/10 – Here it is, the last song on the cd, and Flaw does an exceptional job on finishing off a great album with a very great track. Easily my favorite song, I just love every part of it, and it was smart to put two very good songs on both ends of the cd. The meaning to the song is very strong, and the very end of it does a really good job closing the cd.

    Well, there you have it, my breakdown of the songs on Flaw’s “Endangered Species.” If your like any hardish bands, be sure to check this out or you’ll be missing something VERY big.

    Posted on January 17, 2010