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Endangered Species

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  • This is an amazing cd, and contrary to reviews I’ve previously read, I fell in love with it right away.Medicate (8/10)- I love the panned guitars in the intro, and the rest of the song just hits hardEndangered Species (8/10)- has a really great groove, awesome guitar riff in the intro. I also really like the piano in the second verse.Recognize (10/10)- This song really does something for me. I just love the emotional heaviness of the songWait for Me (8/10)- It’s really nice to hear Flaw do an acoustic song. They do it well. Chris Volz’s vocals are impressive on this trackMany Faces (7/10)- I really like the intro on this song, but the rest of the song, while good, is not my favorite.All the Worst (7/10)- Really interesting song. The bass line is killer, and it has a good chorus. The vocal harmonies are really well done as well.You’ve Changed (9/10)- I love the vocals right at the beginning of the song… very cool. It’s just an all out great song to scream along to in the car. The vocals in the verses are by far my favorite aspect of the songTurn the Tables (6/10)- not the best song, though the bridge is pretty good. I just have trouble getting into this song as much as some of the others. The guitars have some pretty good runs, and the outro vocal run is pretty niceWorld’s Divide (10/10)- everything is spot on in this song. Every instrument sparkles during the verse. The prechorus is really great, with the guitars now strumming, rather than picking and volume swelling. The vocals through out are great. The bridge is quite touching. The sincerity in Chris’ voice is moving.Decide (10/10) This is easily my favorite song. It has just such a raw power. The emotion in Chris’ vocals during the choruses, particularly the last chourus, is just flooring. I have to hear this song several times a day, no joke.Final Cry (6/10)- This is probably my least favorite song. Its choruses are just odd for such a song as this. It’s still a good song, but it’s not the best. I do, however, really love the very end of the song, where it just drops in intensity and ends on such a soft note. That was a great move for that song.Not Enough (10/10)- This song is a very close second to Decide. The song is just so full of feeling that it is likely to move even the coldest hearts. The piano and vocal ending at the end is fantastic. Summary- This cd is amazing. Chris Volz has an incredible stylistic range, and he proves that through and through on this cd. As well, Ryan Jurhs, Micah Havertape, and Lance Arny compose a very formidable rhythm section. It was nice to hear Arny put in more lead-oriented parts, rather than all rhythms. Micah fits in nicely with the band, filling in the gap left by Chris Ballinger beyond expectations, while still bringing something new to the sound of Flaw. Ryan Jurhs continues to impress with his bass figures.Overall……….GO GET THIS CD!!!!

    Posted on January 18, 2010