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  • I will start by simply stating the fact that no matter what you are doing, if you play this CD you will immediately start head-banging uncontrollably.
    So I write this to give fair warning. For example:

    [situation]… > … [Result]
    Running on a treadmill… Headbanging
    Unconscious in the street… Headbanging
    Making love to your wife… Headbanging
    Riding the bus… Headbanging, possibly against the seat in front of you.

    The reason Dave is pictured making that snarling face on the back of the album is because he was listening to it when the pic was taken and it’s physically impossible not to make that face for the CD’s entire duration. (again if you sneak earphones to class and then listen to ENDGAME you will inadvertently make that face towards your teacher and she will probably call security). Trust me if you happen to come across a mirror while listening to this album, you will notice you are making the exact same face.

    Good luck, because Endgame is so good you will probably run into these situations despite my warnings.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This idiot gives and awesome cd one star because he has it in for Dave Mustaine. What an assclown. Amazon should delete his review. I don’t like the reviews that rip on Metallica either, because I enjoy listening to both bands. Both bands have had their ups and downs. But at least both are back to true form. Besides it is tasteless to put down someone elses creativity and artistic views. Cheers Megadeth- Thanks for another fantastic release!!


    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • To be concise, this album is good because:

    - Great production
    - Extreme technically – fast shredding guitars, elite technical guitar playing, lots of solos, varying tempo changes
    - Varied song structures keep the songs interesting
    - Good melodies
    - Dave is angry, his subject matter is ok at worst and great at best
    - Bodies is a great throwback to megadeth’s old material
    - A quality drummer (i dont need to make the comparison)
    - Plenty of songs that will blow you away live

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Welcome back Dave.

    If you are a Megadeth fan, and you ever trusted a review, trust this one. This is the heaviest and most p***-off album in Dave’s career.

    If this is what a mid-life crisis does for your testosterone level, then I’m looking foreward to mine. It starts out with a short, instrumental rave-up, guitar leads flying at top speed, and then charges straight into “This day we fight”. A Fast to mid-tempo smoker. “Bite the hand” track 5 is absolutely vicious, as is “Headcrusher”, a kind-of a sequel to “Skin of my Teeth”. This album does something that neither Megadeth, or too many others have been able to accomplish lately, every song has a nasty bite to it, but the songwriting is there.

    It sounds exectly like vintage thrash Megadeth, only heavier, via beefed-up modern production. It’s funny, but I never really thought of Megadeth as a thrash band. Their music was never really that fast, no “polka beats” as it were, and stylistically closer to Iron Maiden than Slayer, which was ok by me, but on Endgame, to me, they really sound like a thrash band…and one that will take some time to catch. If this is a trend for the band, getting heavier with age, I can’t wait until he’s 60. Oh heck, nevermind, that would make me….

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, both are names that are commonplace in the Metal Community and for good reason as Dave has been releasing quality Metal since the Mid-Eighties and that is no easy feat considering most of the bands that Megadeth grew with conformed to more mainstream styles or broke up. Mustaine and Megadeth continue to be constant idols for new and old fans of Rock and Metal to look up to. Mustaine’s most recent offering Endgame is possibly one of my favorite releases by the group in years.

    Endgame kicks off with 2:25 of Mustaine and Co. ripping up some amazing riffs as the first track ‘Dialectic Chaos’ is Instrumental and a great start to an amazing album. Mustaine’s trademark quality soloing hasn’t lost any of it potency and you can tell right from this short track that this album will be one to enjoy for quite some time. The instrumental leads into ‘This Day We Fight!’, a very upbeat track with to-the-point lyrics and some impressive soloing.

    ‘44 Minutes’ starts out with some tranquil leads and the eerie recordings of 911 tapes. This would be one of the tracks where Dave gives us something to think about as the lyrics discuss the general violence in the world today and more particularly tells the story of being amidst a fire fight. ‘1,320′ is a romp of riffing, bombastic drumming and roaring leads that towards the end erupts into one of the best solo’s on the album.

    Four tracks into the album and I find myself still extremely intrigued as to what will come next. Something that I honestly haven’t felt for a Megadeth album in some time. I would not consider the album groundbreaking by this point, however I would say it ranks up there with some of Mustaine’s best works such as Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?, Rust in Peace and my personal favorite Youthanasia. So far Dave has tackled the most prominent problem in our world today violence and has done it with style rather then preaching.

    Later in the album we get what I can only describe as a modern classic and the title track ‘Endgame’. Easily a massive stand out track on the album with a barrage of pummeling aggressive riffs, epic solo’s and one of the catchiest chorus’ on the album. This track alone is sure to be aired all over Metal radio for some time to come and is a personal favorite. As a contrast Dave then slows things down with the tranquil ‘The Hardest Part of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss’ that halfway through twists into a mid pace ballad and ends with the same melodic opening.

    My favorite track on the album ‘Head Crusher’ erupts with a barrage of soloing and Thrashy riffs. I think I enjoyed the simplicity of the lyrics that took a back seat to the roaring fast paced Thrash riffs. Towards the end of the track comes a classic head bang riff with some nice gritty leads and the track closes just as fast paced as it opened with one of the fastest solos on the album. ‘How The Story Ends’ is straight forward Megadeth and yet like the previous track has some head bang worthy riffing toward the end and as with most of the album has some excellent soloing.

    The album finishes with ‘The Right to Go Insane’ which starts out as a rather bland and ordinary Megadeth track ends with nearly two minutes of soloing and intense riffing. After all is said and done I wasn’t in complete awe, nor can I honestly call this Megadeth’s masterpiece however I can say this is a quality album from a musician who still sticks to the roots of the genre and most if not all Megadeth Fans will enjoy this most especialy if you are a fan of the solos as nearly every song has at least one.

    A great album and sure to be on all the Best Of 2009 lists is a must for Metal fans and especially Deth Heads like myself. I hope you enjoyed the review and that it encourages you to look into Endgame and ultimately purchase the album. If so please click ‘Yes’ below and support a supporter of the Metal Community. Thanks for reading.

    -A Loyal Megadeth Fan

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now