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  • I will start by simply stating the fact that no matter what you are doing, if you play this CD you will immediately start head-banging uncontrollably.
    So I write this to give fair warning. For example:

    [situation]… > … [Result]
    Running on a treadmill… Headbanging
    Unconscious in the street… Headbanging
    Making love to your wife… Headbanging
    Riding the bus… Headbanging, possibly against the seat in front of you.

    The reason Dave is pictured making that snarling face on the back of the album is because he was listening to it when the pic was taken and it’s physically impossible not to make that face for the CD’s entire duration. (again if you sneak earphones to class and then listen to ENDGAME you will inadvertently make that face towards your teacher and she will probably call security). Trust me if you happen to come across a mirror while listening to this album, you will notice you are making the exact same face.

    Good luck, because Endgame is so good you will probably run into these situations despite my warnings.

    Posted on November 23, 2009