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Endless Pain

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  • This is Kreator’s raw and gritty debut album. Out of the ‘klassic Kreator’ albums this definitely has the worst production but as you know I never really complain about that. The only complaint I have is that some of the songs just seem a tad underdeveloped for me, especially once you know how f*cking amazing they would become on their subsequent albums.

    For example some of the songs from their early demo days as the band Tormentor are here and aren’t quite up to par with what Kreator would produce. Songs like ‘Tormentor’, ‘Cry War’, and ‘Dying Victims’ are a little boring if you ask me. HOWEVER, the album is definitely not without some serious thrashers. The first three songs are an ‘extreme thrash’ assault to the dome! Endless Pain and Total Death have that Kreator touch written all over it, the latter having an awesome and memorable main riff. Storm of the Beast ain’t exactly a slouch either continuing the evilness, the main verse riff is quite (warning bad pun coming up) BEASTLY. But then the album gets a little inconsistent. I can’t forget about “Flag of Hate” with Mille’s scathing vocals and great chorus, although a better version is on the Flag of Hate EP which is on the Pleasure to Kill remaster. Another thing I noticed is that some of these songs even have a Show No Mercy/Kill Em All kinda feel to them (Living In Fear and Son of Evil) which is pretty awesome considering those are some of the best metal debuts ever.

    One unique thing about Kreator is their idea to have two vocalists to mix things up a bit which I think is a killer idea. Ventor (their drummer) does all the odd-numbered songs while Mille does the evens. Their lucky to have two bad*ss vocalists considering they’re just a power trio.

    In the end I would say to certainly pick this up along the way but if you’re new to Kreator don’t start here, get PTK first or Coma of Souls.

    Posted on January 16, 2010