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Endless Pain

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  • At the time this came out, if you were young metal lad, this album was fun, bang-worthy, & slightly scary, breaking new ground in the underground. But really, it’s dated — very simple & crude. The guys were just starting off & learning their instruments & art. The songs are often catchy & cool, with lots of right-on death attitude — there’s definitely potential — but the music & production is very raw. I can’t imagine a modern listener being too impressed if this was the first Kreator they came accross. So if you’re new to Kreator & love speed/thrash metal, why don’t you get the latest CD “Violent Revolution”? Or for more midtempo, catchy thrashers, “Outcast”? Also, the excellent compilation “Past Life Trauma” overviews their early to mid brutal period, with 4 tracks from this album mixed in with stuff from their much more accomplished albums like “Coma of Souls” & “Extreme Aggression”. Also check out the devastating “Terrible Certainty”. But save this until later, unless you really prefer simple & raw death metal songs — which this has in spades — over more complex, multi-part speed metal compositions, which come later in their career.

    Posted on January 16, 2010