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Enemy Of God

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  • For those like myself I miss the glory days of Thrash Metal, or more defined, just straight-up killer Thrash Metal. Be it Bay Area Thrash(Exodus, Vio-lence), Canadian Thrash (Annihilator, Razor), Brazilian Blackend-Thrash(Vulcano, early Sepultura), or German Thrash (Destruction, Kreator, Sodom)…I love it with all of my blackened heart. The later of these scenes has given us some classic albums. And it has done so again with Kreator’s “Enemy Of God.” It has been called upon at a time when Nu-Metal has taken it’s last breath and Hot Topic/Ozzfest/Headgiver’s ‘Nu’ Ball has replaced it, forcefully shoving god-awful Metalcore music down our throats and expected it us to accept it. A new genre of music used to replace the dead Nu-Metal Trend. Catering to the masses given it it’s sneer and claimage to ’street’ and such. But those such as me and those who truly keep the faith of real Heavy Metal nknow the difference. This is our rallying cry against the fashion-obsessed kids with ‘emotional’ lyrics, faux screams, and wacky haircuts that are parted to the side.


    Kreator are a legend, and “Enemy Of God” helps seal that title with every tempo-twisting riffs, double-kick jolting, headbanging moment. Here you won’t find any of the ‘emotional’or even ‘heartfelt’ crud. None of this false ‘hardcore’ or even the always ripped-off Gothenburg riffs. NONE OF THAT. This is straight-up German Thrash Metal. It’s in-your-face, it’s down-right brutal, with lyrics about real-life violence, murder and Biblical fates. And does it make one want to smash the faces of poseurs in a brick wall.

    Song-wise Kreator have finally reached where they left-off with their 1990 classic “Coma of Souls.” But much like “Coma Of Souls,” “Enemy Of God” is like a skilled fighter that takes it time with taking time beating you senseless, and then delivering it’s merciless final blow. Staring off the album thrashing, and raging like no other band can do the title track, “Impossible Brutality,”(It’s the same groove taken from Slayer’s “Skeletons Of Society” off ‘Seasons In The Abyss”.) and “Suicide Terrorist” deliver a good pounds to the rib-cage. Then a killer upper-cut with the next two song. “World Anarchy” starts off with a blood-curling scream that only Mille can pull-off. The riffs are nothing less that BRUTAL! There are heavy riffs, and there are riffs that make Slayer cry themselves to sleep. Kreator are not afraid to use those devastationg riffs. About 2:34 it cuts into a really melodic and soft-spoken part and then…..BAM! ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! Mille screams “TOTAL CHAOS!!!” YESS!!! THRASH LIKE YOU’VE NEVER THRASH BEFORE YOU WORTHLESS CRETINS!!! The anthemic “Dystopia” continutes the brutality in good fashion. But like their previous album, their return to proper form after their mediocre 90’s material “Violent Revolution”; it does have a small dip in where it does slow down a bit to let one catch their breath. “Voice Of The Dead” starts off with a nice acoustic piece and then into a killer galloping Maiden-esque riff(Don’t confuse it with Gothenburg bands!)that would make the brummies themselves raise a pint. “Murder Fantasies” has a killer scream-along chorus chant “I WANT TO KILL YOU, TAKE AWAY YOUR LIFE!!!” “”When Death Take’s It Dominion” features a slightly more technical riffing but continues the headbanging nonetheless. “One Evil Comes-A Million Follow” follows in the same fashion. After what seemed like a tedious moment in the album, it then picks right back up with “Dying Race Apocalypse.” Again starting-off with a nice, but longer acoustic bit at 0:40 it kicks in with the the guitars and what definately is, in my opinion, the best track off “Enemy Of God.” Ventor’s double-bass is triggered, but who cares? It owns. “Under A Total Blackened Sky” is pretty much the same song but with a different tile. Not that it’s a bad thing, because as long as it keeps up the momentum…more of it then I say. After eleven tracks “Enemy Of God” ends with it’s final, epic delivery. What is the epic moment? It lies within the mastered melodic riffs starting at 4:30 and then builds up, and keeps building up until Mille screams with every blood cell in his veins…”AND SATAN IS HIS NAME!!!!” With such such a moment, you are then left with two things: A moment to raise your devil horns so high that it reaches the heavens and defiles everything that is holy. And one hell of an album.

    Kreator have achieved what others have tried, but failed miserably. Kreator have conquered where others have retreated. Kreator have truly forced terror back into Metal more-so than the immature, Hot Topic-loving Slayer’s God LUVZ Us All.” Kreator wipes their rear-ends with Failtallica’s “St. Anus.” Not forgetting the ones who have kep the faith strong…Destruction’s “The Antichrist” pushed for the true alligence of old-school bands to come back with their metallic onslaught. Exodus proved why they were ALWAYS the true kings of Bay Area-Thrash with their come-back “Tempo of The Damned.” With much and many kudos faithfully given to those two bands, Kreator now has thrown down it’s spiked gauntlet and drawn the line in the sand. You’re either one of the true Metalheads, or you’re sleeping in the commercial bed of the wretched Metalcore. Plain and simple.

    This ain’t no lamb of god, this is ENEMY OF GOD!!

    Posted on February 16, 2010