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Enemy Of God

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  • Enemy of God is by far the best cd ever released by Kreator. Not a single sub-par, filler, or even slightly weak track on the album. The songs are more or less a combination of all the different Kreator sounds from their entire career. Everything from the aggression and technical aspects of the early work, to the more experimental sounds of Outcast and Endorama. I bought this cd after I heard the title track, and although it is still my favorite, the others are just as good.

    Enemy of God (12/10) – In my opinion, the best song on the cd. A fantastic opener that never lets up. Great song to sing along with. It feels like it has three choruses, but really only one. A very epic sound, and great solos and lyrics.

    Impossible Brutality (10/10) – This song reminds me alot of the Violent Revolution album. Mid-paced song with a great chorus and intelligent lyrics.

    Suicide Terrorist (9/10) – This one will grow on you quickly. Direct and to the point. No fat whatsoever.

    World Anarchy (9/10) – I would give this 10/10, but it reminds me a bit too much of the title track. A great, fast song with, again, very good lyrics.

    Dystopia (10/10) – A perfect example of why Kreator is the greatest thrash band around. The chorus reminds me of the work on Outcast. One of my favorites on the cd.

    Voices of the Dead (11/10) – Mille tries something a little different on this song and it sounds great. Extremely catchy. Not poppy, mind you, by any means, just catchy. “Tonight I hear you whisper deep inside my head!” Just a great song…

    Murder Fantasies (10/10) – Sounds like Extreme Aggression! Features a guest guitar solo from Michael Ammott (Arch Enemy, Carcass). Enough said.

    When Death Makes It’s Dominion (8/10) – Another mid-paced thrasher similar to Impossible Brutality. I love the breakdown before the chorus.

    One Evil Comes, A Million Follow (9/10) – Again, very much reminds me of Outcast. Think Phobia, but more melodic.

    Dying Race Apocalypse (12/10) – Just a hair behind Enemy of God as my favorite song on the album. Awsome acoustic guitar intro followed by the heaviest, most lyrically intense song on the cd.

    Under a Total Blackened Sky (10/10) – Save some of the best for last. An amazing piece of thrash brutality.

    The Ancient Plague (11/10) – This song also has a very epic feel to it. Great lyrics, leads, riffs…everything perfect. There are spoken word parts that add an infinite amount of depth to the song. “A savior appears, in a red mask in front of me… And Satan is his name!”

    Overall, this is one of the most amazing albums I’ve heard in a really long time. Great musicianship, lyrics, structure and perfect production (Andy Sneap). Get the digipak version with the bonus DVD. It includes making of footage and interviews for both the album and the Impossible Brutality video, as well as live footage of Phobia, Violent Revolution and the video clip for Impossible Brutality. Oh, the packaging and artwork are both great as well. With this release, Kreator has just crushed all the pathetic bands that are trying to market their watered-down MtV metal to unsuspecting victims (Slipknot, LoG, KsE, etc.) Kreator once again shows everyone how real metal is done. If anyone surpases this release in 2005, better yet in the next 5 years, I’ll be extremely impressed.

    Posted on February 17, 2010