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  • I was very reluctant at first to buy this EP, because I already heard Fungus Amongus. I heard FA wasn’t remastered, but when compared to this EP, it certainly sounds it. I thought the other four tracks (Shaft, etc.) would be just copies of FA, but they weren’t-they sound so rough and old, and in some ways a little better. (although adjusting to “Take me to Your Leader” takes a while) So, if you already own FA, this is a good buy, because technically, all the songs are new in their own way. Another noticable thing, is that this EP far more uses DJ Lyfe than probably any other Incubus album. So, if “Batllestar” wasn’t your cup of tea, I wouldnt recommend it. But anyway, this EP is a great, uh, EP, and a must-buy due to its awesome price as well. Here’s a track by track review: 1. You Will Be a Hot Dancer-When I first popped this in my CD player, it was a shock because it sounds SO different from FA. But, after the newness wore off, I can say that it still sounds good. 2. Shaft-Out of all the FA songs, this one probably sounds the best, however, most fanss will notice the little things: in the middle, Brandon doesn’t say “shaft…..shut the f** up” like in FA, and the guitars sound a little, I guess you could say hollow. 3. Take Me To Your Leader-This was my fave song on FA, but here it sounds totally different. Like, in the beginning, the little noises aren’t as noticeable. And the guitars that used to crunch so smoothly (also in the beginning) sound a little different. And when Brandon’s unique vocal style used on FA was put to good use, it sounds bad here. It just doesn’t sound as good, and if you listen closely, it sounds like an echo, 4. Version-This is one of the reasons I bought it, (because you can’t find it anythwere else) and it is a disappointment. The song seems to drag on too long, and the chorus/verse exchange isn’t smooth. 5. Aswethinkweiz-Pretty good song, safe to say best on here. It’s so funky and funny-how could this and say, “I Miss You” (Make Yourself) be the same band? 6. Hilikus-The more I think about it, this is the best FA song on here, because it sounds the closest. What else can I say, it’s an all around solid track. All in all, this EP is sort of a mixed bag. The Incubus guys apologized for the “roughness” of FA, but this sounds way worse, especially noticeable on track 3. The skit about “fat a** Santa” is funny, and there’s a hidden track at the end, which is ok. It’s not the best Incubus album out there, but I HAVE to recommend it because tracks 4 and 5 aren’t anywhere else, and if you’re fairly open-minded, you might enjoy the other, slightly rougher, FA cuts.

    Posted on January 22, 2010