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Entangled in Chaos: Live

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  • I can not believe that each person that has reviewed this album gave it 5 stars. This is the only official Live Morbid Angel album which was recorded on their Domination tour. Having seen them live on this tour, and hearing this disc, it just leaves you wanting more.

    Problems I have with this album:
    1. From the first few notes of Immortal Rites, you can hear that Morbid Angel sounds a little sluggish. Listen to Lord of all Fevers and Plagues too; the guitars and drumming are slower and not as good as the original version.
    2. David Vincents vocals. He left the band shortly after this tour, and it was obvious to anyone who was there, that he was no longer into the band or touring. His vocals on Domination were sub-standard, and the same applies here. It’s like a watered down version of what David Vincent used to sound like.
    3. Only 11 songs and 40 minutes ? Why did they cut the rest of the set list ?
    4. They only play half of Chapel of Ghouls.
    5. No God Of Emptiness (which they didnt play too much during this tour for some odd reason)

    Even with all my bitching, I still enjoy listening to this album once in a while to hear classics like Maze of Torment, Dominate, and Rapture, etc… Its just that this album and tour marked the end of an era for Morbid Angel and to some extent death metal. It was obvious that David was no longer into the band or the music and it shows on this CD. All Morbid Angel fans should own this CD, but it fails to present one of the greatest death metal bands playing in its prime.

    Posted on November 13, 2009