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Entangled in Chaos: Live

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  • I bought this Morbid Angel CD because I saw them live back in 1993 and was blown away. When I saw them in concert they were only a three piece band. After some reasearch it seems that I caught them at a rare point when there was only 3 guys in the band touring. So I wanted to see if their live CD was as good as I remember the show being. The CD is good but not as impressive as I remembered. Of course being there live is going to better I guess than any CD can capture. Entangled in Chaos does present Morbid Angel on stage playing what amounts to a nice “best of” from them. The only Morbid Angels I have are this and Altars of Madness so I’m not exactly a die-hard Morbid A fan, but I love heavy metal and like I said they blew me away in concert years ago (it was the Covenant tour). The vocals on some death metal aren’t really my thing – that goofy low growl… just seems silly to me sometimes. For example the band Death – great music but Chuck’s vocals sometimes get on my nerves. Same with Morbid Angel – not as great music as the band Death but in that realm and similar deep growly vocals. Slayer and Megadeth are more my taste I guess. If you’re “new” to Morbid Angel and want to check out one CD, I think this is a good one to get because it samples songs from several albums and you can hear how talented they are in a live setting they really do shine.

    Posted on November 14, 2009