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Enter the Grave

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  • Earache Records laid waste to thrash in the early 90’s by unleashing death metal. In a strange twist of fate, they’re contributing to the vibrant rebirth of thrash with Evile. Had this been released 16 years earlier, I would swear it’s Sodom’s follow-up to “Agent Orange” under a new band name. This fits to a T right between “Agent…” and Sodom’s next album, “Better Off Dead,” in every aspect–from the clean Harris Johns-like production, to the lyrical content, to the vocals, to the rapid-fire jigga-jigga-jigga guitar rhythms.

    Thrash purists will love Evile’s debut. There is absolutely nothing new school about this. No hardcore breakdowns; no inhuman, synthesized guitar solos; no whiney poppy emo refrains. Just pure, mature thrash à la 1990.

    Earache likens Britian’s Evile to a handful of 80’s thrash bands, but the songs are extremely consistant and well executed in the Sodom vein. You might recognize an early Metallica riff here and there, but then, the same can be said of Sodom on “Better Off Dead.”

    Want a listen? Check out their MySpace page for a full 4 tracks off the album. Good stuff.

    Posted on January 22, 2010