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  • I started my Within Temptation collection with Silent Force and then went on to get Mother Earth and Heart of Everything. These albums have made me a permanent fan of WT. So seeing their albums, both new and old, finally coming stateside is nothing less than a dream. I would highly suggest getting any one of their albums.

    Enter is where it all began. There are vast differences in style on Enter than in their later albums. As such, I would not recommend this as your first WT album. It’s so vastly different in style from their later albums, it could give you the wrong idea about what to expect from them now. I recommend either Silent Force or Heart of Everything if you’re looking for your first WT album.

    That is not to say Enter is a bad album. On the contrary, I rated this album five stars for a reason. Enter is a stunning first venture for WT. On all their albums, WT has knack for blending angelic vocals, death growls, orchestral music and heavy metal guitars.

    But nowhere is that mix as stark and brutal than on Enter. The death growls by Robert Westerholt are pushed back more into the mix on later albums. On Enter, they are prominently featured along side Sharon’s more soothing and angelic voice…and it works.

    This is a must have for Within Temptation fans. Again, I would not recommend it for your first Within Temptation album. Check out their later albums. Get used to what they are now. But then if you come to truly love their music and if you come to call yourself a fan, you owe it to yourself to pick this up.

    Posted on February 7, 2010