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  • If you’re already a Kamelot fan,then U know what an awesome power-metal band they are.Already proving themselves with The Fourth Legacy & Karma,they take it to the next level with a concept album that is a masterpiece of metal.Complete with orchestral vocals,killer riffs,and most noticably,Khan’s vocal performance.This dude can sing!Rather than delve into the concept,I’ll simpily tell what trax kick …!Edge of Paradise,Descent of the Archangel,,the beutiful ballad Wander,The Mourning After and the killer III Ways to Epica.The cd has interludes that melt each track into the next seamlessly taking the listener into a super sonic mid evil dimension of metal bliss.The production is the best the bands ever had,and the entire band has stepped it up making Kamelot run like a well oiled machine.There is alot of atmosphere on this album and I can’t reccomend it enough to fans of Stratovarius,Nightwish,older Queensryche and even Savatage.Incredible musicianship and a wonderful story line, EPICA takes it’s place next to the likes of Abigail,Streets A Rock Opera,OPERATION:MINDCRIME & The Odyssey as a classic metal concept album.My favorite of 2003 thus far,it deserves a 5 star rating and your full attention.

    Posted on December 10, 2009