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Eric the Red

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  • I can’t say enough good things about this album. I think I listened to it at least once or twice every day for the first 4 months or so that I owned it. It still gets played at least once a week more than 8 months later. This is one of those CDs that you feel like purchasing multiple copies of, just in case one is damaged somewhere down the road. With “Eric the Red,” Tyr has crafted an album that will appeal not only to fans of viking and folk metal, but to metal in general. Listeners who may be turned off by the harsh vocals found in many metal bands these days can rest assured that there’s nary a scream or growl to be heard on this release. What you get are ten outstanding tracks ranging from an excellent and very fun rendition of the traditional folk song “The Wild Rover,” to the absolutely stunning “The Edge”–my vote for one of the best metal songs EVER. I love the way the band has incorporated both English and Faeroese lyrics into this song and the absolutely seemless manner in which it is carried out. Other songs are sung almost entirely in English or the bands native Faeroese. Tyr has two other releases that I’m aware of (“Ragnarok” and “How Far To Aasgard”) and while both are excellent, neither can hold a candle to “Eric the Red.” A mandatory purchase for anyone interested in the viking/folk metal genres, and an essential one for anyone else who cares about metal music in general.

    Posted on November 30, 2009